St Alban's Art

April 2008

Hymns that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus

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Christians are an Easter people. And the themes of our Easter hymns are amazingly rich and varied
The people of St Alban's have demonstrated that wealth by reflecting on some of those musical poems in art.
Images of God and the victories he won for his people in the Old Testament and re-presented in the Easter hymns as they are in the New Testament. Themes are now seen as fulfilled, filled up, shown in their true colors, so to speak, in Jesus' death and resurrection.

Jesus is identified as both the "new" Adam, and the one who undoes the power of the first Adam's sin, and the "new" Moses, the one who leads his people from slavery "through the Red Sea, brought at last, Alleluia!" He is Manna and living water.
He is the victorious conqueror of sin and death, who overcame all the evil powers that seek to destroy the people of God.
Jesus is the "green blade rising from the buried grain," the "first fruits of those who have fallen asleep," He is new life itself
He comes bursting from his "three days sleep in death," and, "like the sun is risen." He is our true light, our new day.
For the hymn writers, Easter is a day of new creation, the "day of days", the"queen of feasts", the true "Passover of gladness."
The images spill over themselves, pile up and multiply, so that mixed metaphors abound, and so by singing these hymns - our looking at the art, we hope you will discover new joy, new insight, new reasons to praise God who raised Jesus from the dead.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!