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News from St. Alban's Episcopal Church,

Bolivar, Missouri

new red roof

Lent 2


February 26, 2015

        "If any want to be my followers, let them deny themselves, take up their cross and follow me."

This week Rebecca Cox will lead Morning  Prayer and Ruth Lewis will preach. We will be working out arrangements in the coming weeks for whoever is interested to be licensed as worship leaders, and lay preachers. It is good to have many people in a congregation who are able to step in when needed. If you are interested in either (or both) please let Mother Cathy know by email (susanna601@aol.com)


There are Lenten booklets (several different ones) in the rack in the parish hall if you are feeling the need for some encouragement in your personal or family prayer.


Every Sunday during Lent all adults are invited to gather in the parish hall at 9:30 to think together as St. Alban's looks forward to its next 10 years.

This Sunday, Lee Schmidt, the bishop's warden, will lead the discussion.



Painted by an Egyptian Coptic Christian after the beheadings of 21 believers by ISIS:  "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back."


    Remember that the World Day of Prayer service this year will be held on this coming Friday, March 6, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church beginning  at 9:00 for coffee and 9:30 for the program. St Alban's needs to provide 3-4 women to serve as ushers. Please be there if you are able!


     During two upcoming weeks (Lent 3, March 8 and Lent 4, March 15) African Team Ministries will again have their Kenyan-made items for sale at St Alban's. The serious and long-standing  drought in Kenya has affected many Anglican institutions, including the seminary, schools and churches.  If you are able to support these fellow-Christians and fellow-Anglicans by purchasing something for yourself or for another, please do so. All the proceeds go directly to the Church in Kenya.


     Bishop's Committee members for 2015 are Lee Schmidt (warden), Deann Megonnell, Rebecca Cox, Eric Schmidt, Barbara Chapman (treasurer), Vance Halfaker and Louise Ritter. The Committee will meet for a brief scheduling meeting after church on March 8 (no more than 15 minutes.)


     Days4Girls monthly sewing day at St Alban's will be Tuesday, March 10. We usually begin around 9 AM and stay as long as people are able and energized to work.  Those who are unable to sew are invited to bring girls underwear (NOT bikini-style, please!) sizes 12, 14 or 16.


March 1
 10:30 AM
Lent 2
Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16
Lee Schmidt

Romans 4:13-25
Louise Ritter
Mark 8:31-38
Joe Shepard


Rebecca Cox


Ruth Lewis



Sunday's Gospel includes that terrible phrase,
"If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me..."

For Christians in many parts of the world, it has often meant a literal cross...
but even when it doesn't, it does mean a kind of real death...
What might that mean to you?