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News from St. Alban's Episcopal Church,

Bolivar, Missouri

new red roof



Wednesday, june 24, 2015

"If you wish to know the truth about my religion, know that I am a Christian

 and ready to do a Christian's duty."          Alban, before the judge, 209 AD

St Alban of Britain, 209 AD

June 28 - We will remember St Alban, the first known Christian martyr in Britain, for whom our congregation is named. All gather at Dunnegan Park in Bolivar, (pavilion #4 - we'll have signs up and balloons) for our 9:30 Eucharist, followed by a picnic in the park.

We will be near the lower playground with the new equipment, and close to the lake - and the bathrooms.

We will have fried chicken and cold, bottled water available - The rest will be potluck - so else what we eat is up to your creative imagination!


There is electricity at the pavilion if we need it to heat anything - We will bring some extra folding chairs, but bring your own lawn chairs if you want them -

Although popular history suggests that Alban was martyred in 304 AD, the more likely date is even earlier, 209 AD, during the violent persecution of British Christians under the Roman Emperor, Septimus Severus.  


Blessings on Ted and Elaine Yarmouth, who are moving back to Springfield after several years here in Bolivar. They plan to attend Christ Church, since they have many friends, all former members of Ascension, Springfield, who worship there.

 Our electric bill was way down last month again, ($200.00) even with the early summer heat.The units are off most of the time in the evenings and overnight when they are not needed; offices are  cooled when used; the nave is only cooled for worship services.


Please admire the beautiful front - there is new gravel around the flagpoles, new trees and ornamental grasses near the columbarium, the other trees have been sprayed and trimmed. And thank Rick and Jennifer Carr for all the work their arborist has done here! 

RIck Carr, Becca Cox, Eric Schmidt, Lee Schmidt, Vince Halfaker and Louise Ritter are all preparing to lead Morning Prayer when a priest is not present for worship; last Sunday they presented their first bulletins - You are going to be pleased! They all found good hymns for the lessons, chose the appropriate collect, found good sermons from the Episcopal collection at, Sermons That Work, and were able to make wise choices at putting all those elements together! They will meet again on July 5 and July 12.   


June 28, 2015
 9:30 AM
At Dunnegan ParK 

Psalm 34:1-8
Eric Schmidt

 1 John 3:13-16
Olivia Cox
 Matthew 10:34-42
The Rev. Brenda Sickler


 Prayers of the PeopleLouise Ritter



Eucharistic Minister
Lee Schmidt



The collect for Alban begins, "Almighty God, by whose grace and power the holy martyr Alban triumphed over suffering ..."


When suffering means death, as in this case, what do we mean by "triumphed over it?"


Is there a hint when we realize that 9 people were murdered in a black church a week ago and yet that same church opens it doors again tonight for Bible study, and explicitly says, "All are welcome?"