Remember to donate your used cell phones and printer cartridges for the children's outreach fund.  The green tub is located in the parish hall by the door leading into the church.  Check out Cell Phone & Laptop Recycling Fundraiser for more info on our recycling partner.

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A note from Marcus Cox, of St Alban's

"I have been going to all these different youth events since I was in the 7th grade, when my great-grandmother first put me on the bus for a junior high retreat! It was different from anything I had done, and the ride seemed to last forever; I was kind of scared because I didn't know anyone.

Once I got there, it turned out to be great! Those people I met seriously became family. The bond is so crazy linked together, everyone is kind and gives lots of hugs! You can really feel God's presence with these people. They are supportive. No one is ever left out in the cold. No one is forced to do anything they don't want to do. When you decide to get with these people, you are in for a treat! The staff also is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere is intense, spiritually. I can't really explain it. But you do NOT want to miss out!
At St Albans, of course, the youth, even little children, get to do everything, from ushering, to processing with the bread and wine, to carrying the crosses that are made just their size. They know they totally belong right now, and that is because of the fact that grownups want them to feel like that and make it easy. The children do all the fund-raising for Operation Christmas Child every year, and then buy the gifts and [pack the boxes. They are already learning to serve others around the world.
And kids as well as adults ring bells for Salvation Army every Christmas and help out with Share Your Christmas, too!
Bishop's Ball
Happenings #69
Charly decorating her cross for the Easter procession.
Finally, the reward of all their labor - Susie Danielsson made them all "cross" candy, with jolly ranchers melted in the form of a cross, because, for US, the cross IS sweet to us - the revelation, the proof, of God's redemptive love.